Our Markets

Our primary markets in both public and private sectors encompass Transportation and Water/Wastewater industries.

In close partnership with our clients, we enhance the lives of our communities by providing integrated and sustainable solutions to fulfil essential needs in these core areas. However complex the project, we are able to transform an intricate set of requirements into an effective operational system. At Triunity, we specialize in turning ideas into flawless and cost-effective functionality.



This is one of our core capabilities and is our primary market focus, allowing us to utilize our broad experience and expertise. The UN (2009) estimated that the world urban population is expected to increase by 84% by 2050, growing at a rate of two people per second. One of the numerous impacts of this projection is on transportation demands. We understand that to meet these increasing and constantly-changing demands requires innovative and effective processes, strong team-building and close, interdisciplinary collaboration. It also requires a full commitment to the challenging responsibilities of developing sustainable systems.

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Transit and Rail

Public transportation services not only provide mobility, they generate economic growth and support environmental policies. Transit and Rail are shifting from being an alternative means of transportation to becoming a more primary means. Transit ridership is expected to continue its rapid rise. The team at Triunity is able to meet and support these rising demands and expectations by consistently looking at standard industry solutions in ways that allow mobility systems to evolve and adapt.



The growth of domestic and international aviation traffic presents particular challenges for essential airport redevelopment and the design of more complex airport management systems. Triunity understands that this requires even greater efficiency, safety, security and passenger facility measures to be implemented.

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Creative new technologies, more stringent environmental regulations and increasing traffic bring changes to the construction, management and efficiency of road infrastructure. We provide services supporting these at the very core of the passenger and freight transportation system.



A global crisis on our doorstep – the USA has the largest global average water footprint per capita, and over twice the global average (Mekonnen and Hoekstra, (2011), www.waterfootprint.org). Additionally, due to global warming, an estimated 70% of U.S. counties could face water shortages by 2050 (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2010). Some already are. By providing services that update and replace Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste facilities with state-of-the-art facilities and more efficient water management systems, Triunity helps to sustainably manage the pressures on critical water resources and management.