Community Investment

Community Investment and Corporate Responsibility

At Triunity, we have always considered Strategic Community Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility to be an essential and significant part of any organization.

The commitment to perform ethically and contribute to social initiatives that meet the needs of the communities in which we live and work is reflected in our company values, culture and spirit. It is practiced in our policies and strategies, and is delivered through our core business activities which provide expertise to projects that benefit the public and their communities.

Triunity works with others towards the wider goals of greater access to resources and opportunities for all, a fairer society, and a more sustainable future. Our Community Investment endeavors give people and organizations access to equipment and infrastructure, human resources and business capacity though local enterprise initiatives, tutoring and mentoring, internships and financial contributions and support to charitable organizations.


Triunity’s Internships for Minority Youth

Triunity works on providing tomorrow’s scientists and engineers with a background that prepares, empowers and advances them, providing them with a head start at college entry and beyond.

Colorado FutureTek is a non-profit corporation providing training and resources that develop marketable skills in the IT and Computer industries to African American and other underrepresented minority high school students. In collaboration with schools, churches and community organizations, students are recruited and facilities are provided for tuition-free programs.

We work with Colorado FutureTek, providing training and support of interns who have the opportunity to work in our IT Department. We train our interns to manage the department where they have documented our IT policies and procedures, successfully developed an application to track our computer equipment, put network servers together and administered and managed user accounts. Additionally, they give training to our employees, as well as each other.

Salinas Kansas Greater Jerusalem Summer Youth Program

Giving back to the community in which you grew up is important to the Thomas brothers. Brought up in Salina, Kansas, with a strong sense of the value of this, they acknowledge and are grateful for the positive influences that community centers, their programs and staff assert on young people.

Triunity helps to support this youth program, which was developed to offer the youth an appropriate and stimulating environment during the summer months and to help direct their paths towards responsible adulthood.

Conference of Minority Transportation Officials Scholarship Fund

COMTO is the leading organization seeking to ensure equal access for minority individuals, businesses and communities in the Transportation industry. It helps to achieve this through advocacy, information sharing, and education, training and professional development.

Its National Scholarship Program offers a variety of scholarships nationwide to students of transportation who are selected by industry professionals and the academic community.

Triunity is a corporate member of COMTO and supports the scholarship fund by purchasing tables to the banquet each year.